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Navigating Changes in Outlook: Understanding Focused vs. Other Inboxes

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-changing world of Microsoft Outlook? If the Focused Inbox has caught you off guard, you’re not alone. Let’s navigate these inboxes together! Introduction With countless emails vying for our attention every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Microsoft Outlook’s Focused Inbox feature aims to simplify your email […]

A User-Friendly Guide to Fixing PST File Corruption in Outlook

Crafted for the everyday user, this guide aims to simplify the complex world of PST file corruption, empowering you with the know-how to regain access to your valuable emails and data. Introduction If you’re an Outlook user, chances are you’ve heard of Personal Storage Table files or PST files. But what happens when these files […]

Enhancing Email Security with DMARC

A Powerful Tool for Businesses Introduction: In today’s digital landscape, email communication plays a pivotal role in business operations. However, the increasing prevalence of email-based threats, such as phishing attacks and email spoofing, poses significant risks to organizations and their stakeholders. To combat these threats effectively, businesses need robust email authentication mechanisms. This is where […]

Why is DKIM useful

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an essential email authentication protocol that verifies the authenticity of email senders and safeguards against tampering during transit. It effectively combats email spoofing, a deceptive practice employed by attackers to make emails appear legitimate while originating from unauthorized sources. By implementing DKIM, businesses can assume control over their domain and […]

Why is SPF useful?

Enhancing Email Security with SPF: Safeguarding Domains and Preventing Email Spoofing Introduction: In the realm of email communication, ensuring the authenticity of the sender’s domain is crucial. This is where SPF (Sender Policy Framework), an email authentication protocol, proves invaluable. SPF enables recipients to verify that an email indeed originates from the claimed domain, thus […]

Outlook email account setup (IMAP)

Outlook logo

In order to get your email account setup on Outlook (2019 and later) on Windows 10/11, you will need the following information. All you need to do now, is enter this information in the correct fields in the Outlook (2019 and later) application. Below is a step by step guide on doing just that. Step […]

AnyDesk: How to install on Windows

Sometimes, we need to access your computer to setup your email account, if you are having a hard time. We can do this remotely using an excellent piece of software called AnyDesk. You will need to download and install the application AnyDesk. This tutorial will guide you on downloading and installing AnyDesk for Windows. 1. […]

Outlook focused inbox disappeared

Outlook introduced the focused inbox feature quite a while ago. Since then, it seems like there are some users who can’t use this feature after software updates on their computer. This seems to be quite a common problem among long time Outlook users. There are a few reasons for this and, therefore, a few solutions. […]

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